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Reduce the stress and aggressiveness of your animals

New material for hygiene and entertainment

Reduce the stress and aggressiveness of your animals

Reducing stress, preventing aggressive behaviour and avoiding the feared caudofagia (tail biting) are the main objectives of the new entertainment materials for piglets, pigs and cows that we have just added to the Reysan livestock catalogue.

Discover our toys and accessories for animals such as anti-stress balls, teethers or scraper brushes. Introducing these play materials to the farm not only helps meet European recommendations, and helps to reduce the levels of stress and aggressiveness that can lead to major problems of cannibalism.

The pig: a naturally curious animal

Just by observing the behaviour of the pigs for five minutes we can realise that this is a curious animal by nature. In search of new stimuli, they constantly use the muzzle, which is their main tactile and olfactory organ.

Toys for pigs allow farm animals to develop this innate exploratory behaviour, such as rooting. In fact, from a very young age, pigs begin to explore very early on, so it is important to make special toys, such as piglet teethers, available to them as well.

Therefore, providing pigs with manipulable material allows them to develop this research capacity, improving their lives and reducing their levels of stress and aggressiveness.

Novelty is also an important factor for pigs. Therefore, if a farmer observes that the animals have already lost interest in an element and do not interact with it, it is advisable to exchange it with that of another pigsty. In addition, it is necessary to try that the material of game is sufficient for the number of pigs, avoiding this way the competition.

A factor to avoid caudophagy

As we have indicated, chewing and nibbling is a behavior associated with the social development of the pig, so chewers and toys that can chew and manipulate are very suitable for them. However, this exploration can lead to aggressive behaviors.

In this sense, providing an appropriate handling material for the pig may contribute to reducing the risk, along with other factors related to their housing and the environment.

We recall that capdophagia is the most common form of cannibalism among pigs. At first it is just chewing, which is difficult to identify. At a later stage we move on to bites, which involve bleeding and attract other pigs. It is in those moments when the situation is aggravated since the pigs of that space are bitten and/or biting

Therefore, anything we can do beforehand to try to alleviate this situation will prevent farm losses as well as improve animal welfare.

Other accessories for animals

We don't forget the rest of the animals. That's why at Reysan, in addition to introducing new materials in our catalogue such as the ball biting toy for pigs and pig anti-stress ball, we have included essential elements such as the scraper carpet for animals and the cow scraper brush, which also contributes to fighting boredom, protecting these animals from itching and insects. 

If you have any questions about these materials for entertainment and welfare on the farm, do not hesitate to contact our team for advice on the best choice.

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