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Reysan Atlantic, SL, which provides material and machinery for the industry, has adopted as a management and work model, a Quality Management System, oriented to the satisfaction of its customers and product Safety. Supply products that are suitable for food safety. In our case, they are products that are not food, but for processing, to achieve, as a result, competitiveness, continuity, profitability, growth and leadership in their field of action.

To achieve these objectives, the Management assumes the commitment to maintain the certification of a Quality Management System and Food Safety of the product and service, in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the IFS Logistics V2.2, December standard. 2017, as a means to effectively manage the human, technical and administrative factors that affect the quality and food safety of their products and services.

The Quality Policy of REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. is focused on being a leader in distribution for the industry, provided that it is in accordance with the client's needs at an optimal cost, taking into account also the needs of the management committee and the suppliers.

The model of Quality Management adopted by REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. develops its Quality Policy based on the following principles:

  • Satisfaction of the client and other interested parties. The customer focus is an essential, permanent and priority objective; It is a culture that includes several aspects of the quality of the service provided to the client. The customer service must be a conviction and the frame of reference to be permanently taken into account by each of the people of the company, to promote stable and lasting relationships with current customers and to get new customers. Other interested parties are also considered, to tend towards continuous improvement. These stakeholders are the company's partners, suppliers and hard-working staff.
  • Search for continuous improvement and sustainability. By identifying the opportunities for improvement in both technological innovations and customer relations, encouraging environmental responsibility in the processes, directing efforts, in addition to controlling and correcting non-conformities, to prevent their causes, with a perspective of optimization as a final goal.
  • Human factor. It is a fundamental factor in the implementation of Quality Management, since this can only be achieved through communication, active participation and teamwork at all levels of the company.
  • Information and training. Provide training and information, planned and permanent, in the quality and food safety and other types of techniques at all levels, since the achievement of quality requires highly qualified, motivated, responsible personnel, who feel pride for their work well done as for its belonging to the company, and that is committed to the mission and values of this.
  • Product safety. Supply products that are suitable for food safety. Prevent food fraud in any case through our management system. In our case, they are products that are not food, but necessary for processing.

The Management wishes to convey the importance of the adequate understanding, implementation and updating of this Policy at all levels and functions of the company.

It is committed to provide the adequate resources for its development and implementation and to carry out the corresponding monitoring of its effectiveness.

In Ágreda, Soria, on 07/17/18.

The Management.



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