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Hearing protection at work can be achieved by using earplugs when the intensity of the sound in decibels is not very high. In Reysan we offer you this option as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reduce annoying and harmful noise levels at work .
Hearing protection is also part of health at work , take care of your ears with our noise plug options!

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Our earplugs: forget about noise at work

Get to know our 3M hearing protection earplugs and other brands. We offer to buy them wholesale if you need single-use earplugs for your visitors and workers or purchase them individually. In the latter case, there are single-use noise earplugs or reusable earplugs that each worker takes care of. Here are our types of earplugs for the job:

Disposable earplugs

Disposable and recyclable earplugs are the quickest option for protecting workers from punctual harmful noise to either distribute to visitors to a factory or construction site where machinery is being used, as long as they are adapted to the noise intensity for which they are to be protected.

You will find different models made with hypoallergenic foam and polyurethane foam that adapt perfectly to the ear, allowing the work to be carried out without any type of discomfort. They come in a very convenient and economical format of 500 units and, for a more convenient distribution, you can also purchase the automatic dispenser caps.

Reusable caps

For jobs where tampons are used on a daily basis, it is more economical to buy individual hearing protection earplugs, which the worker can wear more than once and which are even equipped with spare parts. There are two types of work protection earplugs available:

  • Without fastening

    Reusable non-grip closures are very similar to disposable closures in form and function, but have the advantage that they are much more durable. You will find several models of 3M hearing protection earplugs, of the highest quality and designed to last. 
    So they can be reused if they are washed and stored in the right conditions. To facilitate this maintenance, we have workplugs with a box included for storage after use. 

  • With fastening

    With the movement of work it is very common that the plugs fall off and we lose them along the way. A situation that can be avoided with the cords or with the bands, which also have the possibility of buying spare parts. They are ideal for people who constantly enter and leave very noisy areas, as they are very easy to remove and store. To prevent them from getting lost, some models with and without fastening incorporate a small box where they can be stored comfortably.
    Encourage hearing protection in your work and take care of the health of your staff. If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you find the most effective solution to prevent noise in the workplace. We are experts in Personal Protective Equipment!

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