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We enlarge machinery

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We enlarge machinery

They're here! We would like to inform you that the kitchen articles for fresh pasta are now available at Reysan. They are ideal for restaurants, hotels and, in general, for the food sector.

As always, we offer you professional quality so you can prepare Italian pasta step by step with machines that offer great speed and optimal results.

Find all our utensils in the pasta processing machines section and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Machines for making fresh pasta: step by step

At Reysan we have prepared a range of machines for making fresh pasta that allow you to prepare step by step in the kitchens of your restaurant this recipe consisting of semolina or flour, eggs and salt. For this we offer you:

  1. Roller machines: it has both electric and manual models made of chromed steel and is very easy to use.
  2. Cutting accessories: you will also find a great variety of cutting accessories to use once the dough has been prepared. Among them: 
    • Trenette: it is a pasta similar to spaghetti, specifically designed for specialities with pesto.
    • Fettuccine: this flat noodle is a delight, especially when it is made by hand in one of the pasta machines.
    • Lasagnette: Lasagnette is a type of ribbon pasta, similar to lasagna, but somewhat narrower.
    • Noodles: this elongated, narrow dough is one of the most popular in restaurants and hotels.
    • Angel hair: we also have a cutting accessory for angel hair paste, a type of narrow and delicate paste.
  3. Fresh pasta dryer: the last part of the process consists of drying the pasta. To do this, we have an option of a dryer with bars that unfold in a spiral, allowing up to 2 kilos of pasta to hang.

We hope that this new range of products will be of interest to you and we remain at your disposal for any questions about these products.

In the meantime, we are continuing to expand our catalogue of catering machinery!


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