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Coronavirus protection

At this time of community transmission of the coronavirus, it is crucial to act in all areas, and especially in the workplace, where the risks of exposure to workers must be assessed in order to provide them with the necessary equipment and make the spaces available.

In this current scenario, we have thought it appropriate to group together all the products in our catalogue that can help to protect against COVID-19, both on an individual level and those needed to guarantee hygiene in the workplace.

See our new section on protection against coronavirus

In order to facilitate the task of finding the right articles for protection, we have made a selection of the products most in demand in companies and factories at this stage of intensifying security measures. If you have any doubts about the articles, please contact our team so that we can advise you.

All this risk prevention against exposure to SARS-CoV-2 must be carried out following the guidelines and recommendations of the health authorities and reinforcing hygiene measures.

Protective articles

Items for individual protection include nitrile gloves, masks, coveralls, waterproof clothing, gowns, splash screens or eye protection. We also provide you with a variety of options in disposable clothing for the work environment, such as booties, coveralls or gowns.

Workplace hygiene

As a preventive measure, it is important to intensify cleaning and disinfection work in the work environment, especially in the most frequented places and on surfaces that are frequently in contact (knobs, railings, buttons...).

In this sense, we have articles designed to facilitate hygiene at work and professional cleaning such as gel dispensers, dispensers, hand washers, disinfectant mats or different models of ozone generators.


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