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New choking prevention device

In case of choking

New choking prevention device

Airway obstruction by a foreign body is more common than it seems. According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), 1,900 people die every year in Spain from choking. Rapid action to prevent death by choking is vitally important.

In REYSAN we care about your safety and that of those around you. Therefore, in our first aid section, we have included a new device that will transform your public space into a safer place.

Whether in a restaurant, a hotel, a public center, you can have it nearby for immediate use, as its small size and lightweight material allow easy storage and transport.

This choking prevention device can be used without risk and requires no training or skill.

What to do if a person suffocates by choking?

  1. Encouraging the victim to cough
  2. If coughing is not effective, pat 5 on the back
  3. If obstruction persists, perform 5 abdominal compressions
  4. If the obstruction persists, use the Did you like it? SHARE IT SUFFOCATION PREVENTION DEVICE

Learn more about the device and how to use it here.

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