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Wide range of thermal protection gloves against heat. Gloves for ovens and bakeries, welder gloves sewn with kevlar thread, mesh gloves for high temperature furnaces, kevlar and aluminium gloves for high exposure furnaces up to 550°C. Because your safety is the most important thing, at Reysan industrial clothing we offer you the highest quality workwear at the best price.

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Characteristics of heat protection gloves

When working in workplaces where there is contact with high temperature materials or with fire directly, it is essential to use work equipment of excellent quality and safety.

There are parts of the body that are more exposed than others to certain dangers, hands are the most likely to suffer in the event of an accident.

At Reysan we work to offer you the best heat protection gloves on the market. We know first hand the needs of our customers so in our catalog you will find work material that meets their needs.

We sell everything from gloves for ovens and bakeries, to aluminium and Kevlar for high exposure ovens of up to 550ºC specialised in the metallurgical industry.

They are made of resistant materials and will prevent our hands from having direct contact with any liquid or abrasive material.

Although they are bulkier and thicker than normal, they offer great comfort to the worker when working.

They adapt perfectly to the hands being able to grasp materials with facility and, in addition they are non-slip.

Heat protection gloves for different industries

Our goal is for workers to work with maximum protection materials in their hands. And in the event of an accident or incident, the worker will not suffer any kind of burns or abrasions.

Each sector has specific needs and is exposed to certain dangers.

At Reysan we consider all these risks, so our heat protection gloves are completely adapted to the industrial sector. 

You can buy everything from welding gloves, mesh gloves for ovens to sleeves to protect against chemical liquids, all at very affordable prices.

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