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Dyson Airblade™ The smart and safe way to dry hands

Thanks to its filter it captures 99.95% of bacteria and viruses, as well as being more hygienic than other drying methods.

Dyson Airblade™ The smart and safe way to dry hands

Frequent hand washing has become a habit and a necessity at the same time. There are different ways to do it, such as using hydroalcoholic gels or directly with soap and water. But what is the best way to do it?

The most efficient way to eliminate viruses and bacteria from our hands is by washing them frequently with warm water and soap, for about 20 seconds. It is especially important to always do it after sneezing, going to the toilet, before eating or having contact with objects or furniture exposed to the public.

However, there is one part of hand washing that is not given enough importance, and that is that is hand drying. Drying hands well is an integral part of hygiene and disinfection, because wet skin can transmit many more viruses, bacteria and microorganisms than dry skin due to the friction generated. That said, we want to emphasize the importance of drying hands and find the best method to do so.

What is the most effective method for drying hands?

As we have said, wet hands transmit much more bacteria, so it is very necessary to be aware of the importance of having completely dry hands.

It is true that, due to the pandemic, the use of automatic hand dryers has been affected for public environments. The explanation is that germs and bacteria are airborne, so the use of automatic dryers can directly expel these germs to our hands, so the ideal is to dry your hands with disposable cellulose papers.

But with the new technologies this reasoning changes. We cannot forget that it is very important to have completely dry hands.

The most effective drying has always been through hand dryers, so Dyson, a global technology company, proposes a solution to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria when drying hands.

Dyson Airblade Dryers™. The solution in hand drying.

As we have seen, the main concern for businesses and individuals to use hand dryers is the transmission of bacteria through the air, for this, Dyson conducted a study in an independent laboratory in order to develop a safe way to dry hands fast, hygienic and contact-free, and also does not involve high costs or harmful to the environment as are cellulose wipes.

The study is based on the hygiene perspective that has emerged in the wake of the pandemic, where hand dryers have suffered greatly due to the belief that the way hand dryers can be used for hand washing is not only hygienic but also environmentally friendly. due to the belief that the safest way to dry hands is through paper towels. The study compares different methods of hand drying, with aerosolization, which became a topic of debate at the beginning of the pandemic, being a major focus of the study.

This study demonstrates that Dyson Airblade™ technology is a safe and hygienic solution for washrooms, especially compared to paper towels. The results have shown that aerosols can be generated in the washroom by different actions, such as walking or even touching the faucet, with no statistical difference in these actions compared to drying hands with a Dyson Airblade™ dryer or paper towels. This study resolves any doubts that may have existed about the use of this technology in times of pandemic.

It should also be noted that Dyson's Airblade technology is contactless, precisely at a time when people are more aware of what it means to touch surfaces such as dispensers, handlebars or buttons. The study also revealed that 58% of respondents would feel more comfortable drying their hands on a dryer if they didn't have to press a button, and 47% of respondents would feel more comfortable if the dryer had a filter to clean the air. The Dyson Airblade 9kJ dryers are designed with time-of-flight sensors that activate at 0.25 seconds to provide clean air. It has a HEPA air filter that is capable of capturing 99.95% of airborne particles, viruses and bacteria and passing them through its filter. This filter solves one of the main concerns that exist regarding hand dryers, because it expels clean and uncontaminated air. In addition, it is up to 99% more economical to operate than paper towel dispensers and emits 85% less CO2 emissions.

Not only does it have a filter as a protective measure, but also thanks to its contacless function, it automatically activates the dryer avoiding direct contact and cross contamination.

Favorable points to consider for testing:

  • HACCP certified for food safety.
  • IP35.
  • 0 cellulose dispenser replenishment time.
  • 0 cleaning of cellulose from garbage cans and floors.
  • 0 water on the floor.
  • 0 pulp logistics.
  • 0 orders and 0 pulp price struggle as the price is affected daily and goes up.

Pros and cons of paper towels

As we have seen, Dyson hand dryers are the most efficient way to dry hands hygienically and quickly. Its HEPA filter and its contactless function prevents the transmission of viruses and bacteria directly to our hands. Dyson is one of the best brands in the market in the development of technology and implementation in their products, so the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers are essential in the restrooms of companies and businesses.

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