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Dry and clean hands

Benefits of the Dyson dryer Airblade™

Dry and clean hands

Do you already know all the features of the Dyson Airblade dryer? This time we're highlighting this product, which revolutionised its launch because of its drying speed and because it's one of the most hygienic on the market.

This advanced hand dryer is available from Reysan for sale or rent, at an affordable price and very interesting given its quality.

Find out more about the Dyson Airblade dryer here.

This automatically operating device with infrared sensors is not comparable to traditional hand dryers for several reasons, including its speed, low noise level and hygiene. In fact, it has been approved by HACCP as "hygienically safe for use in the food and beverage industry" by "considerably reducing the risk of microbiological contamination".

We explain in detail some of its main advantages!

More hygienic

Captures 99.95% of particles, including bacteria and VIRUS

Many traditional dryers have a big problem: they do not filter bacteria and viruses from the bathroom air. In other words, they suck unfiltered air directly out of the toilets and then blow it onto your hands. However, the Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer uses the HEPA filter to capture 99.95% of particles, including bacteria and VIRUS. Find out more about HEPA filter technology.

Drying time 10 seconds

We bet on this product because it offers the fastest way to dry hands hygienically with air filtered through a HEPA filter. In 10 seconds, hands will be dry!

But the Dyson Airblade differs from other so-called "ultra-fast" dryers that use much weaker motors and can't be bought for performance. And it's nothing like conventional warm air dryers, which can take more than 40 seconds to do the job. As a result of this long wait, many users leave before their hands are dry and therefore the spread of bacteria increases.

Lower operating costs

The operating cost of this dryer is, according to the company's calculations, 99% lower than that of paper towels, which require constant replacement and disposal. In addition, other drying methods have a more expensive operating cost.


Clearly, some noise is inevitable. But the fact is that the Dyson Airblade hand dryer is even 50% quieter than the first version, already acoustically designed to reduce noise. Its acoustic engineers have worked to reduce air and engine noise with amazing results.

Available for rent

In addition to purchasing it on our website, it is also available with a rental option. Would you like more information about this product? Don't hesitate to contact our team!

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