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Discover our Gozlin stunners

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Discover our Gozlin stunners

Do you already know our range of stunners for animals? As distributors of the Italian brand Gozlin in Spain, we have a catalogue of electric stunners, electronic stunners and clamps for sheep, pigs, poultry and fish.

This brand stands out for its work to eliminate broken bones and capillaries and to manufacture stunners that reduce stress on animals and improve their well-being, as well as the quality of the meat. The aim is for the animals to be completely stunned and relaxed, thus avoiding their suffering.

Find here the Gozlin stunners for animals and if you have any questions, consult with our team, sure they can help you when placing your order.

Types of stunners

What types of stunners is it possible to select for the farm? There are different systems and also different electrical parameters for each type of animal. For this, it is possible to use the data recorder, which records the electrical parameters and allows a quick configuration according to the animal species to be stunned.

  • Electric stunners: electric stunners are instruments designed to stun pigs, sheep, poultry, rabbits and fish by means of electronarcosis (the most commonly used method, especially in pigs and sheep).
  • Electronic stunner: the electronic system also uses electronarcosis, which eliminates micro-haemorrhages and organ damage.
    Cattle stunners provide a quiet meat cycle, with animals relaxed and easily hooked. On the other hand, they also make work easier and reduce the manpower required for these tasks.
  • Stunners: In our stunners section you will also find specific stunners for different types of animals.

Discover our Gozlin tweezers for sheep and poultry with very precise adhesion, both types with pistol grip, ideal for shock absorption and with stainless steel electrode, with a very precise adhesion to the animal.

The pig tweezers have a manually adjustable opening and also have stainless steel electrodes and are made of steel coated with nylon.

For the work in fish farms, we have specific fish tongs, made with first quality plastic materials that cushion the blows.

Take a look at our selection of Gozlin brand products and ask us if you have any questions!

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