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Clothes against the cold

Protect yourself from the cold

Equip your company with protective clothing against the cold

Protect yourself from the cold

Winter has arrived and the low temperatures outside mean that many workers have to equip themselves with protective clothing against the cold. Many other employees, such as those in the food industry, must wear suitable clothing throughout the year, when working in acclimatised locations and in contact with cold stores.

In this post we explain how you can equip your company with protective clothing against the cold and the different options that exist to maintain optimal working conditions.

Tips for buying cold workwear

1. Detect risks

The first step before equipping the company with work clothes and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to detect what the risks are and, in this specific case, to know what temperature the workers are going to be subjected to, at what intervals and for how long.

2. Determine specific protection measures

Once the working environment and its typology have been analysed, it is time to establish the protection measures against the cold that we are going to carry out. Remember that many of the requirements for protection are laid down in the regulations and must be met in the appropriate manner. When it comes to choosing clothes, we also recommend that you consult with the workers who will wear these clothes, if possible, in order to find a uniform that meets your needs and at the same time complies with the regulations in force.

3. Take into account special characteristics

And when determining these protective measures it is not only the temperature that must be taken into account, but also other factors such as humidity or exposure to inclement weather. For example, for cold rooms there are special clothing such as overalls, hoods, jackets or trousers designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures as low as -20ºC and as low as -40ºC.

4. Complementary cold clothing

In addition to jackets and trousers, there are other garments that play an important role in insulating against the cold. This is the case of vests, which help keep the trunk isolated, or underwear, a perfect complement for greater protection in cold and humid environments. For special cases, it is also possible to buy heatable clothing.

5. Take into account the task to be performed with thermal clothing 

It is always necessary to consider the activity that the worker is going to carry out with the thermal clothes on. For example, it is necessary to take into account if the task is very physical in order not to buy a garment of apparel or that hinders mobility. For this reason, we insist once again on the pertinence of asking the worker or workers what type of garment they consider to be the most appropriate, always in compliance with the requirements of the regulations.

6. Count on professional advice 

And finally, when purchasing cold clothing for your employees, don't hesitate to consult the specialized distributors for any question. From Reysan we will advise you in a specialized way on the most suitable clothing for a specific task or sector to promote optimal protection of your staff. Do not hesitate to consult us!

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