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What to consider when choosing a locker for my locker room

What to consider when choosing a locker for my locker room

Lockers are an essential part of the furnishing of any locker room in industries, laboratories, workplaces, sports centers, schools, gymnasiums and public spaces.

They provide a perfect solution to problems of space, organization and security, as well as improving the hygiene of the facilities.

To choose which type of locker is the most suitable for our business, we must take into account both the technical aspects of the space where we are going to install them, as well as the material and use we want to give to the locker itself.

It is important to take into account whether we are going to do cleaning with satellites or not, if the environment is saline or if there is humidity.

Factors to take into account when choosing lockers for my business

1. Locker materials

There are different types of materials which we have to evaluate when buying a locker.

  • Metallic: They are easy to assemble without screws, resistant with 0.8mm thickness, but they are not resistant to humidity. They are made of painted sheet metal, so if they are hit and the paint gets off, they will rust with humidity or cleaning.

  • Stainless steel: They are resistant to humidity and satellite cleaning. Very durable. Manufactured in AISI 304 not suitable for saline environments, optional AISI 316 for saline environment.

  • Phenolic: Easy to clean, resistant to humidity, high resistance (water repellent and antibacterial), suitable for saline environments.

2. Locking system

We can equip our lockers with different locking systems according to the use we want to give it. We can have traditional systems such as keys, padlocks or with coins, or even advanced systems with magnetic bracelets, mobile App or combination locks.

3. Activity of the organization

The activity of the company is essential to choose the most suitable locker. Depending on the functionality of the people who will use the locker we will choose one or another.

For example, in industries where workers need to store their personal protective equipment, footwear, clothing... it is advisable to use two lockers so that they have enough space to store everything perfectly. In this way, in the upper station you can store street clothes and in another station you can store work clothes.

In canteens the ideal is to have lockers with more seats per door, to amortize the space, and in this way the workers will be able to keep their cell phones, wallets or food.

It is only necessary to evaluate what activity we are going to give and how much space we are going to need.

Benefits of lockers

  • They make the spaces become more organized and used because it allows to keep common areas clear.

  • Public spaces and work environments become safer because people can deposit their personal belongings comfortably.

  • Improve hygiene care because facilities look cleaner and safer for staff.

  • They improve the well-being of workers in case they are used in a work environment, as each worker has an individual and private space to store their belongings.

  • It is an investment that, with proper cleaning and quality materials, will last for years to come.

Where to buy lockers?

In Reysan we have a wide variety of lockers to suit the needs and spaces of each of our customers. Among our wide range of lockers we would like to highlight:

Stainless steel locker

Our AISI 304 stainless steel locker is moisture resistant. It is available with half door or full door. You can choose the number of doors you need as well as the number of lockers you need.

5-place locker with boot racks

Our stainless steel locker has 5 doors at the top and 5 doors at the bottom for 10 stalls and includes a boot rack at the bottom for 5 pairs of boots. They are resistant and spacious, its measures are 1450 x 2400 x 450 mm.

Phenolic locker

The phenolic lockers have an elegant style and have as main characteristic that its material is waterproof, that is to say, neither humidity nor water enters in its interior. Our locker supports a wide variety of locks and we have available up to 12 standard colors. We have different versions from 1 to 6 doors and there is the option of being manufactured with transparent methacrylate.

AT30 locker with 2 doors

Locker of great resistance and easy to assemble without screws. It stands out for its large dimensions, measuring 1800 x 300 x 510 mm. It has available two doors and we have initial locker and extensions. If we want to assemble a module with 3 lockers, we would have to put 1 initial locker and 2 extensions. To buy the same product, but with only one door, see here.

As we have seen, lockers are the most efficient way to protect and store our personal belongings in public and work spaces. It allows us to maintain an organized, hygienic and safe locker room.

If you have any questions about our lockers or any of our other products, our team of experts can advise you on your online purchase .

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