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We introduce you to our biodegradable products for industry, hospitality and trade. Gloves, bags and food paper are just a few examples of these items that can break down into natural chemicals. Buying 100% biodegradable products is a commitment to the environment that more and more companies are joining. Discover our products!

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Biodegradable products for industry and commerce

Having biodegradable articles for industry and commerce is now possible easily and with online shopping thanks to Reysan. These products are characterised by the fact that they can be broken down into chemical elements by the action of biological agents. The sun, water and the action of living beings erase the traces of these materials.

The increase in the commitment of companies to the environment does not stop growing and, with it, the interest in this type of products that degrade in natural conditions by means of biological organisms.

  • Buy biodegradable bags online
  • At Reysan you can now buy biodegradable bags with the same properties as polyethylene, but more environmentally friendly. They are made from biodegradable corn starch and polyester and are compostable.

  • Biodegradable gloves
  • Showa gloves are the biodegradable alternative to work gloves. You will be able to choose between several models of gloves made with biodegradable nitrile suitable for the food industry, agriculture or general services, among other uses.

  • Biodegradable food paper
  • Food wrapping paper is another of the most common products in biodegradable articles. Find our 100% biodegradable and recyclable options that keep food fresh.

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