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In Spain it is compulsory by law to keep a record of the working hours of the employees of a company. This control can be carried out in different ways and at Reysan we offer you the most practical systems: facial recognition, fingerprint recognition or clock with card.
If you have doubts about which one is the best for your installation, do not hesitate to contact our team so that we can advise you.

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Selling fichadores: three big options

At the time of signing it is important that the systems can not be manipulated and that it is really the worker and not someone else who makes that signing. For this reason, we present you with fichadores models based on the latest technology in facial recognition, fingerprint and with a fortnightly identification card.

  1. Facial identification file

    The worker only has to get close enough for the facial recognition reader to identify him thanks to an integrated camera. In any case, it also allows to operate by means of card and password.

  2. Fingerprint file

    This punching terminal recognizes the fingerprint of each employee. We have several models that specify the schedule that each worker must perform. The workers' markings are shown in a list, next to their usual schedule.

  3. Clock fichador

    The time clock is an electronic printer with a card slot, which can be purchased in this section. It can be installed on a wall or on a table and stands out for being easy to use and program and for its low maintenance.

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