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Heatable clothing is one of the best solutions for spending hours outdoors in the cold of winter. Protect yourself with these heatable and insulating garments, which use heating panels in the most necessary areas. You can buy heated vests, jackets and other accessories to stay warm in winter while you are outdoors.

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Heating panels in clothing: key in jackets and vests

The heatable clothing is based on heating panels, which are located in the most critical points such as the back area, lower kidney area and upper chest. This way it protects the organs where it is more necessary to maintain the heat. In addition, some garments incorporate this heatable solution in their pockets to keep and warm hands.

Our garments mostly include a battery and charger, even a rechargeable power pack for longer life. In any case, it is also possible to purchase the heating clothes charging packs separately in the models indicated on each card.

You will find garments that beyond heating are also breathable, waterproof and windproof. Take a look at each card to choose between heating jacket and heating vest and assess the features that suit you best.

Heating accessories for winter

The mittens, horse blankets and insoles complete our range of heated clothing and accessories.

The fingers and toes are joints that are particularly prone to frostbite. Can you imagine carrying your heated insoles or mittens and going out in the middle of winter walking without fear of the cold for hours? You can use the mittens with a load for 3-4 hours and the insoles for 7.

Very different is the use of the heating blanket for horses, an innovative technology that aims to warm and loosen the muscles before exercise or massage and helps reduce the risk of muscle injury.

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